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No Enemy

"If there is no enemy within, the enemy outside can do us no harm." African Proverb . This goes along the same lines as the passage in Proverbs, "For [...]

Feeling Flat?

Don't know how you feel after eating junk but it feels like getting squished by a Star Wars trash compactor. So rather than getting crushed by the enemy (legal [...]

Get The Poison Out

I heard this quote on @garyvee podcast and it stuck with me. "People need an outlet to get the poison out of their stomach...so they needs to find that [...]

Dad Drone – Save a buck, save the planet, and save energy (dad’s energy).

Why does everyone in your family always leave the lights on? Apparently only dads know how to turn off the lights when no one is in the room. That’s [...]

Oil Change

Change your oil? Real cute. Well, we’re fast approaching year 2020 so in order to survive you’ll need to prepare. Okay, not exactly. The point is if you’re not [...]

The Happier Wife Formula

If you’re wife is complaining or depressed or whatever, you need to sit down and give her some space to air it out, which sometimes comes in the form [...]

Selfie Worth

Dads, if your kids KNOW that YOU think they are uniquely beautiful, they may not need to look elsewhere for “likes”. What if kids knew so completely that they [...]

UpLevel Tracker Ad

This book contains 52 pages (weeks) of uplevel tracking. Each day check off one or more of the eleven things you did that day to uplevel your life. Track [...]

Parenting Tip #5

Painfully obvious parenting tip.

Men Fold Laundry?

If you tell your dad you're at the grocery store or folding laundry does he worry about you? Does he think you're doing a woman's job? Do you feel [...]

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