Ungloo helps modern day fathers develop a healthy, body, mind, spirit so they can be more mindful at home, in their work and in their communities.


  1. We produce animated “How-to ungloo and uplevel” videos for social media and blogs. These are short videos that hone in on the idea that taking care of yourself with these 11 Uplevel Tracker elemnts is important for overall mental and physical health. 
  2. We create tools like Uplevel Tracker and Uplevel Kit to help people (focusing primarily on dads) build better habits to be happier and in turn be better at home, in their work and in their communities.

Why Dads?

  1. Because we are hands-on dads and we understand what it’s like living in a time when we’re asked to be everything to everyone.
  2. We wrote a book, “Why Modern Dads Change Diapers” 
  3. The most important change needed to adapt to this modern life is we must develop healthy habits. Our mission is to help fathers do that for themselves and to pass these good habits on to their children.
  4. Many fathers of “yesterday” resorted to self-medication methods (ie, booze, cable TV, etc). to escape. To avoid being cooked by all of the new demands, parents must develop a new paradigm which may include things like exercise, spiritual practice, self-development, smarter nutrition, smarter rest, etc.