We create animated videos to shed light on the challenges and thrills of modern fathering.

Why? We realize parenting is way more complex than it used to be. Chances are your dad focused primarily on making money and your mom did everything else. Times have changed now both parents are bringing home the bacon, caring for the home and raising the children.

These days parenting roles aren’t as clearly defined and schedules are fuller so making it all work can be a challenge. We realized there needs to be more awareness around this issue. Parents today are doing so much more and there are more pressures to “do it all” for their children and still have the energy left over to care for themselves. Many of us are in the dark on how to make it all work.

In addition to the animations and articles, GoDiyo.com also provides tools to help parents be better individuals, fathers and mothers, spouses/partners and providers!


The great news is that there are some BIG BENEFITS to being a modern day hands-on dad.

1.  Dads are spending more time with their children than their fathers did which inevitably will help make more rounded children.

2. Because of the nature of egalitarian parenting roles Dads now have the opportunity to cultivate more open, flexible and dynamic relationships with their partners. It might be more challenging, but if you’re willing to put in the work it will be better.

3. The most important change needed to adapt to this modern life is we must develop healthy habits. The parents of “yesterday” resorted to self-medication methods (ie, booze, cable TV, etc). to escape. To avoid being cooked by all of the new demands, parents must develop a new paradigm which may include things like exercise, spiritual practice, self-development, smarter nutrition, smarter rest, etc.